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Fixings, Nails and Tensioners

We carry all the staples, nails and accessories commonly used on the West Coast and we chose the best quality available.

If you aren’t sure what you need then please contact us. Each fencer, each fence and each situation requires different fixings and we’re happy to advise you although we prefer to stay out of the Great Gripple Debate.

We also stock postcrete and if you haven’t tried it yet then we suggest you do, it’s very useful stuff and ours goes off as promised. If you need something that isn’t listed here then we can get it for you, just let us know.

Please note - prices on this website do not include VAT. VAT is added in the checkout area and will be included in the total in the confirming email sent to you on completion of your order.

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Green Screws

size pack size price quantity
4.5 x 50 mm (8 x 2 ins) 200 pack £7.18
4.5 x 50 mm (8 x 2 ins) 500 pack £16.20
4.5 x 60 mm (8 x 2.5 inch) 200 pack £8.50
4.5 x 70 mm (8 x 3 inch) 200 pack £10.22

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Small plain galvanised staples

size pack size price quantity
30 x 3.55mm 10kg £31.98
30 x 3.55mm 1kg £4.50

Rabbit net can be put up with ordinary, larger staples, but these make the job so much easier.

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plain galvanised staples

size pack size price quantity
40 x 4mm 1 kg £3.50
40 x 4mm 10 kg £20.03
40 x 4mm 20 kg £39.45

The plain galvanised staple size is 40 x 4mm, these have been used on every fence for decades and are the standard size in the best quality galvanised finish. They are now predominantly used with square posts, with barbed staples being used for round posts.

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barbed galvanised staples

size pack size price quantity
40 x 4mm 1 kg £4.00
40 x 4mm 10 kg £21.31
40 x 4mm 2.5kg £6.50
40 x 4mm 20 kg £39.45

The barbed staple has fish-hook type barbs above each point that prevent the staple from working its way out of the post under strain. Particularly useful for round posts, cattle fences and for stobs that are inclined to open up in dry weather, many fencers will not use anything else. The size is 40 x 4mm, the standard for many years now.

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galvanised nails - loose

size pack size price quantity
47mm (2 ins) 1kg £3.50
65mm (2.5 ins) 1kg £3.90
75mm (3 ins) 1kg £3.90
100mm (4 ins) 1kg £3.90
125mm (5 ins) 1kg £3.90
150mm (6 ins) 1kg £3.90

Galvanised nails are one of our good quality basics, we stock all the sizes commonly used for fencing. Stays are secured with a 150mm or 125mm, rails require a 100mm or a 75mm and sarking is put up with a 60 or 50mm nail. A kilo of nails is approximately a double handful.

Galvanised nails Tubs

size pack size price quantity
75mm (3inch) 10kg £25.45
75mm (3inch) 20kg £41.80
75mm (3inch) 5kg £13.80
100mm (4inch) 10kg £25.45
100mm (4inch) 20kg £41.80
100mm (4inch) 5kg £13.80

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large galvanised raddisseurs

size pack size price quantity
1 £1.69

Large galvanised raddisseurs, also known as butterflies and tensioners, and occasionally referred to as raddishes. Used to cut and tension line wire, see stock fencing tensioning the line wire in our help and how to section if you are not clear on this. Most commonly used with mild steel line wire but everyone has their own way with raddisseurs.

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galvanised gripples

size pack size price quantity
barbed £2.13
large 1 £2.36
medium 1 £0.88
T clip £1.24

Gripples, love them or loath them, they are here to stay. The gripple is a bullet shaped device into which two line wires are inserted from opposite directions, the gripple is used to tension the line. Early versions encountered problems in frost but the design has been improved. Some serious fencers still prefer not to use them but many find them a great saving of time and they do produce good fencelines, even enabling the cutting and shaping of high tensile net. For the amateur fencer they are a must.

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Meteor wire strainers

size pack size price quantity
1 £3.88

Meteor Wire Strainers are an unusual device which enables the user to re-tension line wire without cutting it. They are particularly useful for fencelines which sag constantly under pressure. They are useful round schools, playing fields or park fences around animals accustomed to leaning on and over the fence.

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spiral connectors

size pack size price quantity
10 guage 1 £1.78
12 guage 1 £1.78

Spiral connectors are used to join line wire to line wire, most frequently used by the professional fencer. They would often be used for a high tensile line where a raddisseur might be used on a mild steel line. Please note that tensioners and fixings are a very individual matter and each fencer does things his own way.

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lashing rods (pigtails)

size pack size price quantity
10 guage 1 £0.09
10 guage 1500 £150.00
12 guage 1 £0.09
12 guage 1500 £150.00

Lashing rods are used for attaching the top line of a netting to a line wire just above it to maintain vertical tension and strengthen the fence. They are also used to attach split net deer fences together, binding the top of a bottom net, a line wire, and the bottom of the top net. They are usually used just before and just after each stob or post. They come in bundles of 250 and it is helpful if you order in multiples of 250.

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CL22 netting clips

size pack size price quantity
1000 £8.86

CL22 clips are used in a delta ring plier gun to attach a net to the line wire above it. Many people find them easier to use than lashing rods and they are certainly quicker than tying wire for rabbit and chicken net. Rabbit net clipped to top and middle line wires makes a very strong fence.

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Rapid Concrete Mix

size pack size price quantity

Rapid post mix is a great new product, poured into the hole around a post on top of the required amount of water it will have gone off in under twenty minutes and it is then possible to fence to that post. If you have not tried this product yet then please, please do, the fencers we work with are all very positive about it.

Delivery to Argyll

We will quote you for delivery of materials you order from us because each order is considerably different.

As a rough guide, deliveries within 5 miles of Oban cost £10, within 20 miles of Oban £15, and within 30 miles of Oban £20.

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approximate equivalents

Timber is cut in metric sizes. These approximate equivalents are for your guidance only.

22mm 32mm 38mm 47mm 75mm 85mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
1" 1.25" 1.5" 2" 3" 3.5" 4" 5" 6" 8" 12"
1.5m 1.65m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 3.0m 3.3m 3.6m 3.9m 4.2m 4.5m 4.8m
5' 5'6" 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16'
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