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Metal Posts and Strainer Kits

Clipex Metal Posts are:

  • Guaranteed for 30 years
  • Estimated at 50% cheaper over that 30 years
  • Faster and Easier to put up
  • Lighter to carry and transport
  • More secure than a stapled fence
  • Easy to maintain and re-tension
  • The solution to the problem of shorter life timber posts on fencelines which are most challenging to access

Clipex strainers feature 75mm diam tube with 3.25mm wall thickness, each strainer has 4 pre-drilled holes for strut attatchment and they come in deer or stock height.

Each strainer is pre-drilled for underground anti-lift plate – a 5mm heavy duty device complete with nut and bolt which comes with the strainer – all hot dipped galvanised.

Struts are 50mm diam tube with 3mm wall thickness, they have a brace wire and tensioner fixed to a heavy duty galvanised pressure plate and solid steel pin.

At C Hodge Fencing, we also sell some fence components individually and we have listed these, along with tools intended specifically for use with Clipex post and wire fencing, on the Metal Fencing Components and Tools page.

Please note - prices on this website do not include VAT. VAT is added in the checkout area and will be included in the total in the confirming email sent to you on completion of your order.

Clipex Stayfast strainers

Please note that the UK system uses a brace wire and tensioner rather than chain.

Clipex Stayfast Strainer Kit


Clipex Stayfast Strainer Kits

  length gauge weight price quantity
Stayfast End Strainer - Stock Fence
c/w 1 x (2.4m x 3.00mm) Stayfast Strut Stock assembly
2.4m 3.25mm 29.2kg £71.05
Stayfast Corner/Two Strainer - Stock Fence
c/w 2 x (2.4m x 3.00mm) Stayfast Strut Stock assembly
2.4m 3.25mm 43.4kg £99.60
Stayfast End Strainer - Deer Fence
c/w 1 x (3.3m x 3.25mm) Stayfast Strut Deer assembly
3.3m 3.50mm 37.2kg £84.18
Stayfast Corner/Two Strainer - Deer Fence
c/w 2 x (3.3m x 3.25mm) Stayfast Strut Deer assembly
3.3m 3.50mm 53.4kg £111.26

The Clipex 100 Stayfast Kit has been designed to be simple and easy to erect - FAST.

Metal Intermediate Posts

Clipex Posts

ECO post

The economical, ECO-friendly high tensile post that has been specifically designed to offer an entry level fence post design to suit the most popular hinge jointed stock fence, plain or barbed wire fence applications.

  • Steel gauge: 2.5mm
  • Weight: 1.44kg/mtr (1.8m = 2.6kg)

Standard Post

The Clipex standard post is a thicker gauge than the ECO post. It is manufactured from high tensile steel. Made with a unique cutting edge process, which guarantees a high precision product every time.

  • Steel gauge: 3.0mm
  • Weight: 1.80kg/mtr (1.8m = 3.24kg)

Beefy Post

The Clipex Beefy post is specifically designed to add ground holding and strength to your fence line, whilst providing the benefits of steel and the Clipex system. The profile differs slightly from the Standard and ECO posts as it has angled flanges. These give an increased surface area in the ground, as well as reducing any twisting. The flange profile also increases the lateral strength.

We recommend the use of BEEFY posts in softer soils, high stock pressure areas, slight changes in a fence line or wherever you need to beef up the line. Designed to replace timber and concrete intermediate posts.

  • Steel gauge: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 3.5kg/mtr (2.0m = 7.0kg)
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Clipex Posts

  length gauge weight price quantity
Clipex Mickey post 4 slot 1.5m 2.50mm 2.16kg £3.95
Clipex Eco post 10 slot 1.8m 2.50mm 2.59kg £4.96
Clipex Standard post 11 slot 1.8m 3.00mm 3.24kg £5.29
Clipex Beefy post 11 slot 2.0 3.50mm 7.00kg £9.65
Clipex Universal Standard post 9 slot 2.2m 3.00mm 4.0kg £6.75
Clipex Universal Beefy post 9 slot 2.2m 3.50mm 7.7kg £11.44
Clipex Deer Standard post 14 slot 3.0m 3.00mm 5.4kg £7.83
Clipex Deer Beefy post 14 slot 3.0m 3.50mm 10.5kg £15.03

This steel fencepost incorporates the revolutionary new Clipex Slot and keeper system , that enables wires to be simply clipped into the post up to 12x faster than traditional methods.

Clipex 9 slot posts are designed specifically for frabricated fences.

Not only does the Clipex post Quicker to put up, but is made in way that you can have the confidence that once the post is in the ground, its not going anywhere in a hurry. All 9 slot posts are only sold in Heavy Gal, with a minimum of 600g per square metre of Galvanizing. Min 350 grade steel, with a Steel Tensile strength of 520-620 N/MM2. All pins are 6mm and Stainless Steel, and punched with a 10 tonne punch.

"Hodge Fencing have consistently provided high quality timber fencing material, at a competitive price. Materials have been provided quickly, from stock, and the service has included rapid delivery, regardless of the size of order."

Rhod Watt, Beat Forester, Forestry Commission

Delivery to Argyll

We will quote you for delivery of materials you order from us because each order is considerably different.

As a rough guide, deliveries within 5 miles of Oban cost £10, within 20 miles of Oban £15, and within 30 miles of Oban £20.

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approximate equivalents

Timber is cut in metric sizes. These approximate equivalents are for your guidance only.

22mm 32mm 38mm 47mm 75mm 85mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
1" 1.25" 1.5" 2" 3" 3.5" 4" 5" 6" 8" 12"
1.5m 1.65m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 3.0m 3.3m 3.6m 3.9m 4.2m 4.5m 4.8m
5' 5'6" 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16'
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