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Wood Fuels

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Verdo Wood Pellets

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Full Pallet Verdo Wood Pellets 96x10kg bags £291.00
10kg Verdo Wood Pellets £3.34
  • Full Pallet 96 x 10kg Verdo wood Pellet bags


10kg Hotties Heatlogs

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10kg Hotties Heatlogs £4.50
Full Pallet 100 x 10kg Hotties £380.00
  • 10 Heat logs per pack. Burn up to 3 times hotter than conventional wooden logs. An environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood logs. Made from 100% recycled clean wood. See our special offers below.


Round Wood Briquettes

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Round Eco Logs 96 x10kg £330.48
10kg Packs Round Eco Logs £3.90
  • These long lasting wood briquettes are suitable for use in fireplaces, log and multifuel stoves, log burners, firepits and log boilers. They have a great natural look in open log fires and are very versatile. Made from 100% clean compressed sawdust with no additives.


Kiln Dried Oak

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Bulk bag of kiln dried hardwood £114.29
small orange bags Kiln Dried Ash £6.85
  • Our kiln dried and split birch logs have a high calorific value; they are long lasting, dense wood and will burn well. Our logs are evenly sized and as uniform as a natural product can be.

    Our hardwood is delivered to you under special covers to keep it dry and we’ll book the delivery so you can have your store ready to recieve it. The ash from a hardwood fire can be used as a fertiliser in the garden and as a fuel it is cleaner than coal.


Air Dried Softwood

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Bulk Bag of Softwood £71.43


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Bag of kindling £4.29
  • Our kindling is made from seasoned soft wood, which burns with a good clear flame generating plenty of heat to start your fire. The bags are 3.3kg

    We offer net bags of kindling, we will deliver or you can collect.


Pallet covers

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Pallet cover with velcro slit opening 1100 x 1300 x 1450mm £165.00
Pallet cover 1100 x 1300 x 1450mm £145.00
  • heavy duty 19oz lorry tarps made into pallet or structure covers


Royal wood pellets, out of stock

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  • Wood pellets are best used in purpose built wood pellet stoves. We supply high quality, economical, renewable and sustainable pellets and our wood pellets will burn efficiently and with minimum ash to give the maximum amount of heat. Our wood pellets come in 15kg bags, there are 64 bags on a pallet. Wood pellets do require dry storage. If we can reach your storage space easily we will stack the pellets inside for you. BSL Authorisation Date is; 15/02/2018 BSL Authorisation Number is; BSL0045924 - 0003


Balcas Brites Wood Pallets - out of stock -

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"We have been well pleased with the quality of the fencing products supplied by Hodge Fencing and the reliable and flexible delivery service. Having just installed a wood pellet boiler we are equally pleased with the prompt and cost effective pellet delivery service they provide."

Arthur Francis (Partner), Balure Farm, Tayinloan

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Delivery to Argyll

We will quote you for delivery of materials you order from us because each order is considerably different.

As a rough guide, deliveries within 5 miles of Oban cost £10, within 20 miles of Oban £15, and within 30 miles of Oban £20.

approximate equivalents

Timber is cut in metric sizes. These approximate equivalents are for your guidance only.

22mm 32mm 38mm 47mm 75mm 85mm 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
1" 1.25" 1.5" 2" 3" 3.5" 4" 5" 6" 8" 12"
1.5m 1.65m 1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 3.0m 3.3m 3.6m 3.9m 4.2m 4.5m 4.8m
5' 5'6" 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16'

Help and Information Sheets

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